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M.I.A by Liz Johnson-Artur
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M.I.A by Liz Johnson-Artur

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"I love Fredrick Lamar!"
a white girl wearing a bindi at coachella  (via damaseas)
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you bring up a good point but have you considered that i look so good today

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gratitudes 4/17

  • sleeping in/sleeping things over
  • an interesting comfort in knowing i’ll miss the people i work with and the museum so much
  • evening out in our neighborhood with my roommate
  • (living in a neighborhood that is actually a hidden gem of restaurants/bars)
  • letting myself be happy about things
  • letting myself be bummed about things
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gratitudes 4/14

  • a submitted application
  • beautiful day at work and in teaching
  • the black escalade back over the bridge after buying supplies,
  • (windows down)
  • (car was stocked with candy)
  • unlimited mussels
  • unlimited friendships
  • things seeming magical on 3 hours of sleep
  • unexpected compliments and encouragement on last body of work
  • "i never learn"
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gratitudes 4/?

  • important things happening (tomorrow)
  • brighton beach/candy daydreams
  • being fine
  • the beer i bought myself to have with dinner ???
  • (that i have been drinking it over the course of 3 hours)
  • freshmen year of college nostalgia
  • never feeling like “wow im old and need to slow down”
  • and
  • knowing what to care about
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gratitudes 4/12

  • the most beautiful day of my whole life
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gratitudes 4/9

  • feeling fine about feeling weird
  • respect from the amazing teens i work with
  • barista at my museum giving me 75% off
  • (not questioning that 75% off an iced coffee is still 1.75)
  • "make me proud" -drake ft. nicki minaj
  • friends and their advice to a v frantic me (always)
  • not feeling like im going to crash after a full day of running around
  • coffee, also always
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gratitudes 4/8

  • the joy of working with kids (even when they’re literally insane)
  • bonding with co-workers
  • catching up
  • not feeling like i need to look forward to things in order to be happy
  • [but still looking forward to things]
  • writing a cover letter (tomorrow)
  • wearing all of my nicest clothes and feeling v magical

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gratitudes 4/7 inspired by ashleyjanaeart

  • still alive
  • feeling success despite great hardships
  • opportunities (always)
  • not feeling like i have to stay up until 4 am every night to accomplish or prove something (a la ages 16-22)
  • weird but good/positive vibes of having outgrown things
  • joking around
  • new faces and thoughts
  • not caring so much about the future
  • learning from everything
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Aaliyah and Kel Mitchell
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Aaliyah and Kel Mitchell

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